ARTとGenesisのコラボが、感動の走りを 創造する。

ART and Genesis Collaboration Engine tuning is create your exciting driving.
We produce world winning results.
We are able to provide our customers with an overwhelming feeling of power and smooth running in direct response to
their acceleration and which makes dream manoeuvrability a reality.
We would like to offer our skilled artist who studied the essence of the engines in order to tune them for each driver.

〒410-1431 静岡県駿東郡小山町須走357-9
TEL.0550-75-2570 FAX.0550-75-2576

The Genesis Project,
357-9 Subashiri, Oyamacho,Suntougun. Shizuoka.
Telephone: 0550-75-2570. Fax: 0550-75-2576.